• Jay“If you have a chance to put Mike Brown on your payroll, do it! The man has a marketing mind that can propel a company to greatness. His imagination and common sense combine to make him truly a major contributor to your success. He is responsible, lightning quick, and a thoroughly enjoyable person. I think you are blessed to have the opportunity to put him on your team.” -Jay Conrad Levinson Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books, Over 14 million sold; now in 39 languages, www.gmarketing.com

  • Nadav Pic2

    "Mike’s Business consulting made the difference in helping me to raise $750,000 for one of my start-up businesses."

    – Nadav Wilf, Founder, LifeStyle Perfected


  • "Mr. Brown and I spent several days discussing marketing strategies for my books.  Since I first uploaded my novels on the Amazon platform (KDP), I’ve had over two-million books uploaded to Kindles around the world, many of those sales thanks to the application of the knowledge imparted upon me from Michael Brown.  My career would not be where it’s at without having had his influence." 

    - Jonas Saul, Amazon Bestselling Author of more than 2 Million Books, www.JonasSaul.com

  • "Mike helped me with multiples projects.. from building high converting sales and landing pages, to planning marketing and sales campaigns, to A/B testing landing pages. He is a joy to work with, fast and very professional. I highly recommend him." 

    Mari Smith, Premier Facebook Marketing Expert, www.MariSmith.com 

  • "Mike Brown helped me create a highly effective, innovative social media campaign which led to me being elected to the Antioch City Council. My campaign abandoned traditional forms of campaign outreach and embraced Mike's recommendation of using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as new and innovative ways of reaching voters. He helped me craft my message and deliver it through highly targeted social media ads including videos. I was the top vote-getter againt 2 popular incumbents. As top vote-getter, I went on to become Antioch Vice Mayor for 2 years."

    - Lamar Thorpe, Vice Mayor, City of Antioch, www.LamarThorpe.com

  • "Mike provided some excellent insights and offered a menu of approaches so we could have a greater impact in our fundraising efforts. Thank you Mike!"

    - Julia Liou, Chief Deputy of Administration at Asian Health Services, www.AsianHealthServices.org

  • "Mike is one of the most dynamic sales and marketing professionals I’ve known. He has a keen insight for coming up with ideas that make a real difference in projects. His ability to consistently produce results is unparalleled. If you are looking for someone to get the job done and produce results then Mike is your guy. Hire him!" 

    - Jill Lublin, Master Publicity Strategist, 3X Best Selling Author & International Speaker, www.JillLublin.com

  • Keleti williams pic2“Mike helped me change my mind set and create a business plan to advance my career as a producer & actor.  As a result, I now have more than 70 acting credits to my name on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB.) I’ve been in a major movie with Bruce Willis, I was a guest star on the hit T.V show House, I was in a Super Bowl commercial with Cars.com, and the list goes on… I’m living my dream and Mike is a big reason for that. Thanks Mike!”

    - Kaleti Williams, Producer & Actor, on IMDB


  • christopher pic"Mike is a great business consultant and knows how to achieve results quickly and efficiently. He has provided great business strategies and planning for online marketing including fast results on Facebook, Twitter and other online media. He is committed to his client's success and puts in the extra efforts that make the difference for success. I highly recommend Mike!”

    – Christopher Dilts, Co-Founder and Director of RightSource Global Digital Marketing, www.RightSourceGlobal.net

  • lisa maxwell"Michael helped me at a time I felt like I was at a deadlock with my personal growth. He helped me see the potential that I had in me all along and to day I am a proud owner of my dream business and I owe him all the credit for helping me reach deep inside to see who I truly am.

    – Lisa Maxwell, CEO, Lisa Homes

  • Luke"When I sat down with Mike, he put together a very effective business marketing strategy plan for our kickstarter campaign. He came up with innovative ways and kept a close eye on what was working and what needed to be adjusted. In the end we achieved our goal and successfully raised $35,000 in 45 days for our kickstarter campaign. I highly recommend Mike."

    - Luke Whitehead, CEO, www.MixedNation.com , on Kickstarter

  • "Michael is a stellar coach who goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver results to his clients. He's developed a systemic way of thinking and applies it in a caring, thoughtful, detail oriented manner. I'd recommend his services without hesitation."

    - Dr. Glenn Livingston, CEO & Psychologist, Psy Tech Inc., www.NeverBingeAgain.com

  • "Mike helped me in my business planning and strategy. The consulting work I did with him made a huge difference in my business. I unequivocally recommend Mike!"

    - Vickens Moscova, Digital Marketing Expert, www.VickensMoscova.com

  • "I worked with Mike while I was contracting with Innersource. Mike had a unique ability to provide focused attention and clear communication to solve complex logistical challenges. He was able to plan and execute timely marketing messages in response to rapidly evolving client requirements. I would work alongside Micheal Brown again, any day!"

    - Lars Meyer, Digital Strategist at TBA Digital, www.LarsMeyer.ca

  • tai22"Before working with Mike, I was overwhelmed and working way too hard to create success in my life. During our work together, I was able to get a clear understanding of what was holding me back and created a plan to experience more freedom and make more money without burning myself out.  Shortly after our work together, I doubled my income to well over six figures.  I can't thank Mike enough for helping me make the necessary shifts to take my life to the next level."

    -Tai Bethune, Senior Recruiter at Castlight Health

  • "Mike is of the finest and most professional Non-Commissioned Officers I served with in 21 years of military service. A real leader of Soldiers--competent, poised and dedicated. Would be an asset to any organization."

    - Gregory Sampson, Chief J10-MAS Office, Mission Assurance Department, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) for the United States of America

  • "What makes Michael great is that he leads from the "heart". Michael has the leadership savvy and know how to empower his clients to produce breakthrough results. However, it is his uncanny ability to connect with his clients and deliver on what matters to them, that separates Michael from the pack."

    - Timothy O'Malley, VP of Banking, Branch Manager at Chase

  • jeffrey"Mike is a phenomenal team player. He is always jumping into help where he is needed. His current focus for Innersource is in the area of Affiliate Marketing. Mike does a great job working with our partners in a professional and supportive way. He is always looking for creating ways to support our affiliate campaigns through various marketing and social media technologies. He has had quite of bit of recent success implementing Facebook advertising strategies for our company. Most important to me, Mike maintains a wonderful sense of balance in his work and I truly appreciate how he goes above and beyond the role of his positions to help team members feel supported. He puts a high premium on his family life and maintains a high level of integrity, both of which are vital to our success. We are very fortunate to have Mike as part of our team."

    - Jeffrey McDonnell, COO Innersource, www.Innersource.net

  • "I worked with Michael on a number of high stress, high stakesprojects. I always found Michael to be a solid leader, team player, and communicator with the ability to get things down while maintaining strong relationships with co-workers."

    - Jared Wells, Founder, Wells Academic Solutions, www.wellsacademics.com

  • "I now have a business that's thriving, growing, and viable. Thank you Mike!"

    -Jenny Jones, Marketing Director for Juice Plus, jennyb.juiceplus.com

  • "Mike is a rare and remarkable professional. His friendly and easygoing manner accompanied by his consistent world-class results are truly a wonder to behold. The combination of these qualities puts people at ease while calling them to strive for more and give more of themselves toward any shared desired outcome. He is punctual, determined, a charismatic and persuasive visionary, and performs at a level that few achieve. Any organization fortunate enough to hire him will be delighted with their choice."

    - Peri Steffenhagen, Job Aquisition & Promotion Consultant, CEO, Get The Job Consulting, gtjc-usa.com

  • "Mike coached me through a program where I created an amazing project. His guidance and insights helped open things up for me and get into action to complete my project. Mike is a great listener, compassionate and I felt like he was on my side. He celebrated my victories along the way. Mike is a great asset to any organization!"

    - Momi Rapozo, SVP, Sr. Operations Project Consultant at Bank of America

  • Georgia"My time with Mike Brown was well invested. During our sessions together I created a website on my own and learned how to update it myself. This was invaluable in order to keep my contacts current and help my business grow. That website still serves me. Through Mike mentioning me on his Facebook page, I gained many clients who signed up for my services. Under Mike's mentoring I gained self confidence which led me to realizing that I am a great manifestor. I highly recommend Mike who is compassionate, caring and stays connected."

    - Georgia March, www.georgiamarch.ca and www.spiritgirl.net

  • "I met Mike when I was part of a men’s group. I witnessed his ability to lead men and create an atmosphere of teamwork, fun and accountability. With his acute listening skills and his ability to communicate clearly and effectively with people, Mike brings a unique balance of seriousness and humor that has individuals, as well as the group, produce breakthrough results. I highly recommend him for any company (or client) who wants a passionate, committed leader on their team. If you are thinking about hiring Mike…do it. You won’t regret it!

    - Daniel Brace, Sales Manager, Euroline Steel Windows & Doors

  • melanie popper pic"My negotiations and strategy coaching with Mike Brown was transformational. My profits quadrupled (4x) within the first few months of working with Mike.”

    - Melanie Popper, Lawyer, www.revartslaw.com