pic028-400x600222Before you fill out the application below take a few minutes to read these bullet points below and see if this describes you. If it does, then fill out the application.

  • You are a high level performer.
  • You are eager, hungry and driven to achieve your goals.
  • You are coachable. Being coachable means you are willing to do what you don’t want to do, so that you can be who you say you want to be and have what you say you want to have.
  • You are committed to achieving the results you desire.
  • You are open to taking a look at your blind spots and seeing the things that stop you and making adjustments.
  • You will take Bold Actions. Bold Actions are actions that you think you can’t do or actions that scare the hell out of you.   Bold Actions are not impossible actions to take, they are absolutely doable, it’s just your mind that says, “I can’t do that.” Bold Action are not illegal, not immoral, and not unethical.

Most of my clients work with me for at least 6 months to 2 years and one of my clients has been with me for 13 years.   I only work with a handful of clients every year and I’m selective with who I choose to work with.